The 12th Underground Cinema
Film Festival


The 12th Underground Cinema Film Festival is an IFTA (Irish Film & Television Academy) Affiliated International Film Festival located in Dublin in Ireland.  A champion of emerging filmmakers, Underground Cinema has the belief that no matter what the film’s budget or the director’s vision it’s the filmmakers passion that drives a film.​

​As technology allows greater access to short films as well as filmmaking tools, an increasing number of people are turning to short filmmaking as a form of expression and an opportunity to explore creative freedom.  Within the submissions we received this year we saw a wave of truly original and outrageously distinctive films united by their uncompromised spirit. This year we will present a new generation of adventurous independent filmmaking, in which boundaries are explored, pushed and often broken. The creative means employed in these films will take audiences on a wild ride towards the future of cinematic storytelling.

The current pandemic has changed the dynamic of the festival.  This years festival is a hybrid event., a mixture of live and online screenings.  We could of easily gone down the road of a second online festival like we had to do last year, but we felt it was important to try and go back to some sort of normality, especially for the film industry who have had it so hard for the past eighteen months.  Our live screenings will be limited to 50 seats, but that's better than no live screenings at all.  But you will also have the option of viewing all submissions online as well.

We have been screening independent films online with our monthly screenings since May 2020.  Last September we hosted the 11th Underground Cinema Film Festival entirely online.  And what have we learned over the past eighteen months since we began screening online.  It works!  The numbers viewing the films online are huge.  At last years festival we had close to 15,000 views.  That's a very impressive number for a three day event.  It works so well because film makers can connect.  Filmgoers and talent from the film can see and speak to each other via Skype/Zoom/Google Meet.   It creates a conversation. New technology allows the public to interact with actors and film makers that  are ordinarily inaccessible to them.  Filmgoers have a passion to discuss the movies they’ve seen. A screening of short films, feature and documentaries provides a forum by which like-minded people experience a sense of community, which encourages personal contact, ongoing conversations and relationships.

All online films will be available to view for the three days of the festival.  For live screenings, as mentioned already we are limited to 50 seats per screening.  We will not be selling tickets front of house.  ALL tickets must be booked online.  Our online booking system is set up to limit tickets to 50. If all 50 tickets have been sold online our booking system will automatically change the status of the screening to SOLD OUT and no more tickets can be purchased..  We will keep your online details on file for contact tracing purposes only.  Your digital covid certificate is not required for the screening rooms, but if you intend to dine/drink in the hotel then you will need your covid cert.  Masks are mandatory while in the hotel.  They can of course be removed in the bar/restaurant if you are eating and drinking.

We have kept our ticketing simple. You can buy a single ticket for a specific screening or you can buy a number of different passes.  The full list of passes available are listed below.  We will be hosting a number of Q&A sessions online with directors, actors, and screen writers throughout the festival.  You can check these out on the upcoming events list below.  

The awards this year for the festival will be announced online on the evening of Sunday September 5th directly after the closing film Manhunt.   The awards this year are as follows:

Best Independent Feature Film
Best Independent Short Film
Best Student Short Film
Best Documentary
Best One Minute Short Film
Audience Award for Best Short Film (online vote)

To finish up I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the filmmakers who submitted their work to UCFF  Your support has been greatly appreciated and we look forward to this new interactive experience with you and we also look forward to chatting to a lot of you guys online over the three days of the festival.

Dave Byrne

Festival Director


View Full Online  Program

You can view the full line up of films selected for an online screening at UCFF by clicking here.

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View Full Live Short Film Program

You can view the full short film program for live screenings here

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View Full Live Feature Film Program

You can view the full program for feature films that will be screened live here

Tickets, Film Programs and How It All Works


Live Screenings

You can buy tickets to any of our live screenings below.  Just scroll down to the Upcoming Live Screenings and you can purchased you tickets there


We've tried to keep this as simple as possible.    Below you will find six packages.  Traditionally at a live film festival you would buy a single ticket to see a feature or a single ticket to see a short film program consisting of 10 films for example.  Some of these packages give you access to specific programs and others give you access to everything.  Just choose the package that suits you

Online Screenings

You can purchase a package any time you want.  But you will not be able to access the films until 10am Friday September 3rd..  Once the festival opens on Friday you will be able to access the films you wanted to view for the full three days of the festival.  Each of the tabs at the top of this website page are locked until the opening day of the festival.   Your package will activate automatically and is unique to you.  One thing to remember, you need to log in to this site when you're activating your package 


Upcoming Live Screenings

  • Underground Cinema August Screening
    Σάβ 13 Αυγ
    Online Screening
    13 Αυγ, 12:00 μ.μ. – 14 Αυγ, 12:00 π.μ.
    Online Screening
    Online screening of some incredible indie shorts
  • Underground Cinema August Screening 2
    Σάβ 20 Αυγ
    Online Screening
    20 Αυγ, 12:00 μ.μ. – 21 Αυγ, 12:00 π.μ.
    Online Screening
    Online screening of some incredible indie shorts
  • Underground Cinema August Screening 3
    Σάβ 27 Αυγ
    Online Screening
    27 Αυγ, 12:00 μ.μ. – 28 Αυγ, 12:00 π.μ.
    Online Screening
    Online screening of some incredible indie shorts